apani_phsht2Apani aka Apani B-Fly Emcee, often referred to as Apani B. is a revered hip hop artist, author, entrepreneur and activist from Hollis, Queens in NYC. She is a founding member of the hip hop super-group Polyrhythm Addicts, along with fellow members DJ Spinna, Mr. Complex, and Shabaam Sahdeeq. Apani emerged during the golden era of the 90’s to be considered a pioneer of New York City’s underground hip hop scene.
Apani has a prolific catalog beginning in 1994 and still growing she has had the honor and distinction to work with some of the most revered names in hip hop music, including Da Beatminerz, DJ Spinna, Nujabes, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Pharoahe Monch and many, many more. She has made a reputation for herself as a lyrical powerhouse and possesses a worldwide fanbase as a result of her many international collaborative projects. Apani is frequently named as not only one of the best female emcees and most distinctive voices in hip-hop music to ever grace the microphone but also regarded as an elite writer by any standard.
Apani has toured internationally and been embraced by a loyal and ever growing fanbase as new listeners discover and relate to her music. She is singularly set apart by her ability to use her vocals to confidently project a large presence throughout every performance with her agile delivery as well as inspire with socially conscious themes while managing to not forget to entertain the listener. Now although a busy and dedicated mom of 3 beautiful and talented children, Apani continues to remain relevant as an important figure on the indie music scene. Apani continues to reach new levels artistically, always making new music and collaborating with varied artists, working as a makeup artist for several high end brands, expressing creativity through fashion, authoring books, as well as producing live shows and events through her company 2040 Multimedia Group. (2040MMG).


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